coffee preparation

brewing pour over coffee with Hario kettleCoffee brewing refers to the preparation of the coffee beverage. There are many coffee brewing methods, and the extraction method can be different for these methods.

Strictly speaking, the coffee brewing operation is when the coffee is extracted from the ground coffee beans into the water. However, the extraction is tightly related to the other steps involved in the coffee preparation.

The most important steps of coffee preparation are:

All of these steps can determine the taste, the flavor, the strength, and the look of the coffee beverage. These aspects are defined as organoleptic properties of coffee. There are a few ways in which we can alter the flavor and taste of coffee:

Changing these brewing parameters we can modify the TDS, the content in coffee oils, caffeine, and other compounds responsible for flavor and aroma.

Pulling Espresso Shot in Bodum Pavina Cup 3What Is Coffee Brewing

Coffee brewing refers to the operation of extracting the caffeine and other soluble solids into a water solution.
From a chemical perspective, coffee brewing is the process of dissolution of soluble matter from the coffee beans into the water.

Certain brewing methods, such as espresso, also emulsify the coffee oils into the beverage. The result of the emulsification is crema, a distinct espresso feature. Other brewing methods do not emulsify the fats from the coffee beans but do extract them, in which case the fats will float at the surface. These brewing methods use screen type filters, which allow most coffee oils to pass into the final beverage.

Various coffee preparation methods use different ways to extract the soluble solids. Some of these methods include decoction, (boiling), infusion, (steeping), gravitational feed, (a form of infusion), vacuum decoction, (low-temperature decoction), and pressurized percolation.

Brewed Coffee vs Drip Coffee (Disambiguation)

Drip Coffee is referred to as brewed coffee many times. This is a misnomer, and a confusing term because all prepared coffee drinks are brewed, regardless of the coffee preparation method. Espresso, French press, drip, of cold brew are all brewed during preparation, all following specific recipes.