Iced coffee

Iced CoffeeIced coffee is a cold variant of coffee. In more recent times it has become common for coffee shops to offer ‘iced’ versions of their most popular coffee drinks. The iced latte and iced mocha are the two most common examples of this. A quick way of preparing such drinks is to make a small quantity of strong, hot espresso, dissolving the required sweetener/flavorings in the hot liquid and then pouring this directly into a cup of ice cold milk. This method is common in busier coffee shops. The hot coffee can also be cooled using cold water, ice, cream or ice cream.

Iced coffee has been made particularly popular in recent years by commercial chain coffee shops such as Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts. Starbucks offers the Frappuccino, which is strongly associated with the brand of Starbucks.

Iced coffee is often compared to cold brew coffee. They differ in that iced coffee is first brewed hot and then cooled down whereas cold brew coffee is brewed cold and is never heated throughout the brewing process.

Iced coffee has the advantage of being much quicker to prepare and brew. Whether iced coffee is prepared using espresso or filter coffee, the brewing process isn’t normally longer than 4 minutes. Iced coffee is also the preferred cold coffee beverage for some because more properties are extracted from the coffee bean when coffee is extracted hot as with iced coffee and so more of the properties from the coffee bean are present in the final cup.