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If you have a question regarding the information in an article, please use the comment section in that article. We get a lot of great questions about brewing coffee via this contact form, and we would like to answer them publicly, so all our visitors can benefit the discussion. For this reason, we will not answer this type of questions through the contact form anymore.

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For guest blog posts requests, we accept new authors, but your work needs to be exquisite, and coffee related. Our blog has the potential to bring you and your website a lot of exposure, but it depends on the effort you put in. If we feel your efforts are sub-par we’ll not publish your post.

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You have a new product or a great coffee bean that you would like to promote, write to us. Our marketing experts can offer you an one to one consultation, but we can also arrange something on a smaller scale, like a simple product review. It all depends on your budget.

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