January 28, 2017

By  Dorian Bodnariuc

Beko is a domestic appliance and consumer electronics brand of Arçelik A. Ş.. Beko Elektronik A. Ş. (later Grundig Elektronik A. Ş. ) was a Turkish consumer electronics manufacturer, owned by Arçelik. In 2004 Beko Elektronik purchased Grundig and by January 2005, Beko and its rival Turkish electronics and white goods brand Vestel accounted for more than half of all TV sets manufactured in Europe. In April 2008 Beko renamed itself Grundig Elektronik A. Ş.

Beko makes both drip coffee, espresso machines and Turkish coffee makers. Their Turkish coffee maker represents a unique approach to automated coffee making.

Beko is one of the only companies to make automatic Turkish coffee machines, compared to the traditional way of brewing Turkish coffee with a Turkish coffee pot over a stove or gas flame.

Beko also manufactures ‘bean to cup’ coffee machines which are sometimes referred to as super automatic coffee machines in the industry, as there is is no brewing technique required. The Beko bean to cup machines require simply that the user presses a button. There is no further process involved. The machine will then grind the beans and brew the coffee all at once. These machines are very popular among busy people who value brewing convenience and time saving.

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