The breve coffee is a coffee beverage that is comparable to the caffè latte. The breve was invented as an Americanised version of the latte, where half n’ half milk and cream is used instead of only using milk. This produces a sweeter, richer and creamier coffee than the latte.

The breve actually looks more like a cappuccino than a latte as the cream in a breve give the coffee a much fluffier appearance.

Using cream in coffee or half n’ half is very popular in the United States, whereas drinking milk based coffees only prepared with milk is more standard in other parts of the world, especially in Europe.

The breve is popular among those who are avoiding refined sugar as the drink is naturally much sweeter than latte as a result of the cream.

The cream content in a breve also means that the caffè breve is much higher in dietary fat and cholesterol. This can be a potential concern for those who are trying to avoid consuming fat and cholesterol. However, various diets such as the keto diet and the Atkins diet call for higher fat consumption and lower carbohydrate. In this situation, the breve is more suitable than a standard latte.