Handpresso SARL is a French manufacturer of portable espresso machines. Founded in Fontainebleau in 2006 by Henrik Nielsen as a spin-off from Nielsen Innovation SARL. Handpresso is  inspired by Danish Design and has created and patented the world’s first handheld espresso coffeemaker, Handpresso WILD ESE, which is sold in 25 countries. The first Handpresso machines were designed for E.S.E. coffee pods. In the year 2008, Handpresso won 7 international design prizes including IF and Formland.

The necessary pressure to brew espresso is created with the Handpresso device by manually pumping the unit like a bicycle pump. Hot water is then added to the chamber and an espresso pod containing ground coffee is inserted. The coffee is then served by pushing a button.

Handpresso is extremely useful when access to electricity or a home kitchen is limited, such as when camping.

Along with Handpresso, other camping or outdoor coffee options do exist, such as the moka pot. Even though the moka pot does make espresso style coffee, it is still not a true espresso. Handpresso creates a beverage that is much closer to espresso and is therefore extremely popular among espresso enthusiasts who travel or camp regularly.