Pour over coffee

Pour Over CoffeePour over coffee is a type of filter coffee that is brewed manually, using a pour over coffee maker. Some popular pour over coffee makers are the Chemex, the Hario V60 and the Kalita Wave.

A pour over coffee maker is a device generally made from plastic metal or glass. It can be a stand alone, all in one, coffee maker where the coffee maker acts as the brewer and the receptacle, or an individual brewer, which brews into a separate receptacle such as a beaker, mug or decanter.

In order to brew pour over coffee, a paper or metal coffee filter is fitted into the coffee maker, into which ground coffee is then added. Hot, but not boiling, water is then poured in a measured and controlled way over the coffee bed in order to extract the coffee.

For pour over coffee, a courser grind is generally used as there is no added pressure in the extraction process, as with espresso, and the extraction process occurs just using gravity.

Pour over coffee is very popular in the third wave, specialty coffee scene, as it allows for much more control and input throughout the brewing process, compared to traditional drip coffee brewing.

Coffee brewed using the pour over method will typically have cleaner and brighter notes than coffees brewed in other ways, such as espresso or French press. It is also possible to taste the coffee notes much more specifically. This means that pour over brewing is ideal for single origin coffee grown in Africa, where the beans naturally have the bright, acidic notes that the pour over coffee brew exhibitions.