Black eye

A black eye coffee is a standard cup of filter coffee with a double shot of espresso poured on top. The black eye is so named because the double espresso shot has the appearance of a black eye when it is poured into the filter coffee. However, some people say that this beverage is called a black eye because drinking it feels like getting punched in the face.

This drink is quite intense and has very high levels of caffeine. It is advised that those who are caffeine sensitive on any level avoid consuming this beverage.

The black eye is very popular among students, business people and those who are trying to be hyper productive and exist on very little sleep.

Although caffeine content in coffee varies depending the bean, the roasting and the brewing process, it is very likely that a cup of black eye coffee will have more than 500 mg of caffeine per serving. The daily recommended dose of caffeine is 400 mg. Therefore, caution is advised when consuming black eye coffees, especially if other caffeine sources are being consumed throughout the day along with the black eye.

In comparison to the black eye, a red eye coffee is a cup of filter coffee that has one espresso added instead of a double shot.