Senseo is a registered trademark for a coffee brewing system from Dutch companies Philips and Douwe Egberts. The three main characteristics of the system are its coffee pods (called pads in some countries), its design and its easy to use system.

The Senseo system was developed by WeLL Design and was first introduced to the market in the Netherlands in 2001 and then subsequently to the markets in Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Denmark, The United Kingdom, The United States and Australia respectively.

The Senseo system has received various upgrades over the years, for example in 2007, when the Senseo New Generation came out which had an adjustable cup feature and allowed the user to brew coffee into bigger cups than had previously been possible.

The Senseo coffee maker is a grinderless, coffee capsule machine. These machines are very popular in the current day and age because they are extremely convenient and allow the user to brew a consistent cup of coffee which emulates espresso coffee with no brewing knowledge or technique required. Coffee pod machines such as the Senseo also are advantageous in that they require no cleaning or clean up due to the fact that the coffee is contained within the pod and never comes into contact with the machine, negating the need for cleaning.